Important Notice: All travel insurance policies sold on this platform now cover Medical Expenses incurred abroad as a result of Covid-19. All claims relating to Government Restrictions on travel are excluded. Please click here for more information.

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Why buy travel insurance for your trip?

Buying Travel Insurance can help cover you for things that can go wrong when you are abroad, particularly if you get ill or injured. In addition a policy can help if you lose possessions, or have a delayed flight.
A policy would normally cover you for the following:
  • Medical expenses incurred abroad

  • Cancellation or curtailment

  • Personal liability

  • Emergency Assistance and repatriation

  • Personal possessions

  • Travel delay

Whether you’re exploring Europe or travelling worldwide, cruising the open seas, or hitting the slopes this winter to partake in winter sports, our travel insurance comparison tool will help you identify the best travel insurance policy quickly and easily.

Simply follow the process above, telling us some details about your trip, yourself and your travelling party. Our panel offers cover for individuals, families, couples or groups , with different cover levels and excesses. In addition some of our panellists offer cover for pre-existing medical conditions.

It is not a legal requirement to have travel insurance when abroad but if you don’t, and you require medical treatment while you’re away, you may have to pay the bill. These bills can be very expensive, for example treatment in the USA should your appendix rupture can sometimes cost in excess of 10,000 Euros. By taking out a comprehensive insurance policy, you can have that peace of mind that if the worst were to happen you would likely be covered.

It is a good idea to have comprehensive travel insurance in Europe. The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) only covers medical care in certain public facilities and will not cover any repatriation costs to get you home, should the worst happen. Some insurers on our panel will waive the medical excess if an EHIC is used, so travelling with one can be a way to also save money .

Not all insurers on our panel will cover claims arising directly or indirectly from a pre-existing medical condition. A summary document of each schemes Important Conditions relating to health is provided in the results section when you progress through a quote. You will need to read this document carefully before purchasing any policy and notify the insurer where applicable.

It's important that you declare any changes to your health or medical conditions, even after you have bought your policy. Please contact the insurance provider directly.

Our panel of travel insurance policies will all include cover for some sports and activities as standard. However other activities will be excluded or you may need to pay an additional premium to cover. Please check the policy terms and conditions before purchasing.

Most policies on our panel will cover cancellation due to unforeseen specified circumstances. You can select the amount appropriate to the cost of your trip. Please note for single trip policies cancellation benefit is applicable from the date you purchased the policy. For Annual Multi Trip policies cancellation cover starts from the date you book your trip or the commencement date of the policy whichever is later and ceases on the policy expiry date unless you renew with your insurer.

An excess is the agreed amount of money you will pay towards a claim, these are usually calculated per person per claim, but can vary between policies. Once the excess has been settled, your insurance provider will then pay the remaining expenses up to the cover limit.

Repatriation is the return of your body back to the Republic of Ireland for medical treatment, if it was to be deemed necessarily. This benefit also covers the repatriation of your body if you pass away whilst abroad.

A single trip policy is designed to cover a specific holiday. You will need to select the destination countries and when the trip will start and end to receive a quotation. An annual multi-trip policy is designed to cover multiple trips within a 12-month period. Therefore, if you or your family are regular travellers, travelling more than once per year, an annual policy could save you time and money. Most policies have maximum trip duration limitations, so please check policy documentation before purchasing.

When you go on a cruise or go on a winter sports holiday,  these are likely to incur the insurer additional costs compared to a typical holiday, for example, the cost of getting you off the ship if you were ill or if you require an emergency evacuation off a mountain if you were to injure yourself on the slopes. There are also extra product benefits are often added to the policy to cover things such as missed port departure, cabin confinement and itinerary changes, and for winter sports benefits such as piste closure and cover towards ski and snowboarding equipment. These will vary between providers on the panel so please check the policy documentation.

Each holiday Insurance will have its own policy terms, conditions and exclusions. These will be made clear on the policy wording and a summary can be found in the Insurance product information document (IPID for short). It is important to check these before you Travel.
Some travel insurance exclusions are fairly standard, though, which means it is unlikely you would be covered for the following:

  • Alcohol related incidences. 
  • Extreme sports and activities (some insurers will offer to cover these at an additional premium).
  • Medical expenses if you give birth overseas. Most policies do not define pregnancy as a medical condition but are unlikely to cover if you are travelling near your due date.
  • Needless exposure to danger.
  • Travelling against the advice of the department for Foreign Affairs (DFA) or World Helath Organisation (WHO).

When you buy holiday insurance it’s important to always choose a policy that is most appropriate for your individual needs. The cheapest travel insurance may sometimes not give you the level of cover you actually need, which could end up costing you a lot more in the long run.
That doesn’t mean you should spend a fortune but it is good to check the coverage of a range of providers, our quote engine will allow you to select the amount of coverage you need for benefits such as cancellation cover and baggage cover and compare. Other ways to obtain cheaper travel insurance quotes include purchase an annual policy if you travel regularly, or select a higher excess (this could cost you more if you need to make a claim though), again you can select the excess amount and compare travel insurance quotes.

Our comparison tool will allow you to compare holiday insurance quotes. When you enter your details, you can specify the maximum excess you would like to pay, and the minimum cancellation and baggage benefit you require, as well as optional extras such as winter sports and cruise. The results presented will be to the specified criteria making it easier to compare travel insurance. You will also need to check documentation as each policy has its own terms, conditions and exclusions.

Covid-19 FAQ’s

In order to help you understand what is and isn’t covered under various scenario’s please read the below FAQ’s concerning Covid-19.

Before you travel please check the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) website to get the most up to date information on travel guidance. If the DFA advises against all or all but essential travel policies sold on this platform will not cover you.

This would be covered as standard on all policies offered on the platform – please note however that no cover would be in place if you are travelling against the advice of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) or against medical advice.

Get Cover, Accident & General and offer coverage but will only cover if a positive diagnosis has been made. If there has been no diagnosis and you have only been asked to self-isolate, then you would not be covered under these policies.

No providers on our panel offer cover for disinclination to travel.

No cover under this policy for this scenario. Please check the DFA website before you travel

 No cover is in place for disinclination to travel should you wish to cancel for this reason.

Travel Insurance is still available to but via – and every provider on our platform provides emergency medical assistance and repatriation for Covid-19 as a minimum. This means that if you are diagnosed with coronavirus whilst abroad you would be covered for medical treatment and getting back to the UK if deemed necessary.

Get Cover, Accident & General, and now cover cancellation if you or a travelling companion receive a positive Covid-19 diagnosis in advance of the trip. Cover would not apply if symptoms or diagnosis occurred prior to your policy purchase or within 7 days of the issue date.