All you need to know about travel insurance

Travel insurance policies vary from insurer to insurer but there are some major benefits that could be part of your standard cover and we have compiled what you need to know about travel insurance in the article.

Because travel insurance can offer so many different benefits depending on the policy it’s important to ensure you use Insurance Comparison to compare travel insurance policies so you are sure to have the best cover available for your trip and your budget.

In most standard insurance policies, you would be covered for:

Medical and evacuations: this provides medical emergency expenses while you are on your holiday.

Cancellation and interruption: this will cover you for the cost you have already paid and can’t be refunded for in the case that you can’t travel due to unforeseen emergencies/circumstances like illness or an accident.

Protection of personal items: cover for some of your items in the case of theft, loss or damage.

Baggage loss or delay: this will cover you in the case of your baggage being lost, stolen, delayed or damaged.

Passport protection: your travel documents also need to be protected in the case of theft or loss and this will help you replace your passport or other travel documents in the case of theft.

Always read all the terms and conditions of your policy before you buy it and carefully consider if the policy covers you for all you need during your holiday.