Why you need travel insurance

While it’s not something we would like to think about when planning our overseas trip – unfortunately, accidents do happen. It is wise to rather be prepared and covered in the case of an unforeseen accident while on holiday so you are sure to enjoy the trip with peace of mind knowing that you are covered in the event of:

Unforeseen medical expenses – this can leave you broke if you are not covered as medical expenses can be extremely expensive. Depending on your policy you could be covered for a range of medical expenses including dental. Ensure you understand what you are covered for and what your chosen policy excludes.

Trip cancellation due to you or a family member falling ill or even death. Most of us can’t afford to simply lose the investment we made for a holiday – having a comprehensive travel insurance policy can often mean you can claim back your expenses.

Cover for your luggage and valuables in the case that it gets lost, stolen or damaged during your trip. Your policy can possibly reimburse you for buying essential items during your trip if your baggage is delayed, lost or stolen. Ensure you understand your policy and what you are covered for.

It’s good to have cover in the case of missing your connecting flight – travel insurance can sometimes cover a new flight you have to book to get to your final destination.

If you lose your password most travel insurance policies will cover you for expenses you have incurred to replace your passport and other travel documents whilst abroad..

If your travel agency files for bankruptcy policies with scheduled airline failure or end supplier benefit would more likely cover if your trip is cancelled due to this reason.

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