Ski Travel Insurance

Nothing like the thrill of skiing and the cold fresh air while bolting down the mountain! A ski holiday offers you all the adrenaline you would need, but you need the right cover to enjoy the speed with peace of mind.

As a skier you are aware that the possibility of being in an accident is higher than when you are on a beach holiday. So it’s important that you have travel insurance that will cover you for collisions, falls and injuries. It’s so important that you have the right travel insurance when it comes to a ski holiday as having the wrong policy can open you up for huge costs in the case of an accident.

Your travel insurance would cover the basics like stolen luggage, cancellation and medical costs. A good ski insurance policy should cover:

Ensure you understand what is not covered – for example, if you get injured off the designated ski slope most insurers would not cover you. Always ensure you let your insured know about any pre-existing conditions, including injuries, if you don’t it's possible that your policy would not pay in the event of a claim.

The best time to book your travel insurance is immediately after you paid for your holiday – this will ensure you are covered right from the start and you would likely be protected if the trip is cancelled.

Finding the best ski travel insurance is as simple as comparing the different policies and understanding which policy offer the best benefits. With Insurance Comparison you can compare multiple ski travel insurance policies and the best deal for you.