How to make a travel insurance claim?

Planning your holiday is almost as exciting as embarking on your journey, but you can never be prepared enough and as daunting as it might sound it’s important to understand how to contact your travel insurance in the case of an emergency. Most policies include an emergency assistance contact number in the policy wording, it is worthwhile adding this number to your contacts in your phone so you have it to hand should the worst happen.

When planning your trip ensure to buy the best travel insurance for your and the trip you are planning, use our comparing engine, Insurance Comparison, to compare a range of reputable travel insurance policies all on one website. Giving you the power to choose the travel insurance policy best for you and your pocket in a few simple steps.

If you were involved in an accident with someone else, ensure you take all their details and contact information that the insurer might need. Most insurers do offer an emergency assistance line in the case of emergency travel insurance claims that can help you locate the nearest medical centre or embassy. Be sure you have those numbers handy on your trip.

Another tip is to ensure you understand the excess you have to pay in the case of a claim, depending on your policy and the provider you chose the amount can vary.

To make a claim easier we recommend that you are always thorough in your application for travel insurance especially when it comes to health and pre-existing conditions. Ensure you understand what would be included and excluded if you make a claim.

We recommend taking photos of all your belongings while you are packing them and emailing the pics to yourself – this will maximise the chances of your claim being accepted ion the case of lost, stolen or damaged baggage.