Different Travel Policy Types

Planning your next trip is exciting, always ensure you are covered for the unforeseen. There are many different travel policy types, we are here to explain them to you so can travel with peace of mind.

You will have general cover if you take out travel insurance which could include: cancellation, trip interruption, theft of belongings, travel delays, baggage damage, stolen or delays, medical cover (depending on your policy). In some cases, you would need a more specific – below some of the options available:

Medical cancellation refund

This policy allows you to cancel a flight and get a full refund due to you suddenly falling ill, being admitted to hospital or due to the passing of you or a close relative before your flight.

Domestic baggage insurance

This policy covers your baggage for any domestic flight in the case of your luggage being lost, stolen or delayed.

Multi-trip insurance

This is an annual policy that covers you for individual trips up to a certain amount of consecutive days to multiple cities and countries, depending on your policy. Most multi and single trip policies cover you for a certain amount of days – always ensure your trip falls in the number of days you are covered for.

Single trip cover:

Immediate cover for you on your upcoming single trip with a certain amount consecutive days of cover depending on the policy.

Winter sports cover

This policy covers you for winter sports like skiing, snowboarding and more winter sport activities. It’s a fun and exciting holiday but ensure you are covered for this additional risk. We suggest if you are planning a winter sports trip you ensure you have cover for emergency medical expenses and more. A winter sports insurance policy is a must!

Family cover:

Keep your family safe with a family travel policy. In general, you all need to live at the same address and the children must be younger than 18 years.

Insurance Comparison offers you travel insurance policies from some of the most reputable travel insurance brands in Ireland so you can choose the travel policy that suits you the best.

We always suggest that you get coverage as early as possible, do not skimp on medical cover – emergencies do happen, get coverage for any of your pre-existing conditions like heart disease or diabetes, always get cover for what you need.

Do not over-insure your trip. If you are going on a cruise – check your cruise coverage and most importantly: always read your policy documents. All policies are different – it’s worth taking the time to understand what you are covered for in the case of unforeseen circumstances.