Our top 5 holiday tips!

Going on holiday is exciting but it can be extremely stressful and can start with early morning hours, long lines, busy airports, frequent flight delays and long layovers! 


But we are here to help with our top 5 holiday tips!


5. Be on time

We know this sounds obvious but it’s crucial to start your holiday not rushed and stressed about if you are going to be at the airport on time to make the flight. We recommend checking in online 24 hours before the flight – this can save you time standing in long lines. Another tip is to ask someone else to drive you (family, friend or even Uber) – this will keep you responsible and help you to keep to the schedule and you will feel obligated to be ready on time.


4. Notify your bank  

Remember to let your bank know if you are travelling internationally. Try to get a no-fee bank card so you have as much money as possible to spend on yourself during your travels. A few pounds for every transaction adds up.


3. Use a map, but also get lost!

Visit the local tourism office, they always have activities that are free or know about special events happening during your stay. We have seen them offering discounts on attractions and transport too. That said, wandering through a beautiful unknown city is a great way to explore and to get to know it. Try it once without using Google Maps, we are certain you will find some hidden gems!


2. Always get travel insurance

Do not travel without travel insurance, this offer emergency medical assistance when you need it. This includes unforeseen emergencies like credit card fraud, luggage delays and/or loss even cancellation fees and lost deposits. You never know what is going to happen and rather be safe during your travels with travel insurance for peace of mind.


1. Gadget insurance – you won’t be sorry!

We travel with expensive laptops, smartphones, earphones and other gadgets best to have them covered as you know how easy it is to lose one of those air pods or even accidentally damage them rushing to the next tourism site. But ensure that your insurer protects your gadgets against accidental liquid damage and theft so if something does go wrong during your travels the headache of replacing your item can be minimised.