Worldwide Travel Insurance

Worldwide travel insurance will cover you for almost every country in the world, whether it’s single-trip insurance or multi-trip insurance. You must check which countries are included with worldwide travel insurance as policies and insurance companies differ.

We recommend you double –check which countries are included and excluded from each policy you compare. Comparing insurance policies is easy with comparing engines like Insurance Comparison – with a few clicks you will receive multiple quotes from a range of reputable insurance companies and you can compare on one website. This will likely save you time and money.

You might wonder why some countries are not included in certain worldwide travel insurance policies. As an example, some policies might include or exclude the USA or Canada. This is simply due to healthcare being a lot more expensive in these countries than in other countries in the world. This means policies including the USA and Canada would be more expensive.

Worldwide travel insurance would have the same benefits as travel insurance but this will depend on the policy and insurer you choose. Below some of the general benefits included for travel insurance:

In general, there will be things that worldwide cover would not offer as a benefit – ensure you understand exactly what is excluded and if need be rather buy it as an add-on. Listed some of the possible exclusions depending on the policy:

Always remember to check the date range of your policy and ensure you are covered for the entire duration of the trip. Book your travel insurance in advance and understand what is included and excluded from the policy. Lastly, ensure all the people travelling with you are covered so you all can travel with peace of mind and enjoy the trip to the fullest.