Flight delays: What to expect from your airline

You booked your flight and you are so excited for this trip – a trip of a lifetime, but things don’t always go as planned. Your airline should take care of you and assist you in the event of flight delays – in the event that the delay is more than 3-4 hours, it’s their duty to look after you.

Your airline should provide you with food, drinks, accommodation and most importantly communication if you are delayed overnight until you can depart.

In the case that the airline is experiencing huge delays and many people are affected by this and the airline can’t look after all the passengers, you could buy your food and drinks and claim the expenses back from the airline at a later stage. We recommend getting approval from the airline first and ensure you are responsible as it’s likely they will not process the claim for excessive drinking and 5-star hotels. Make sure you understand what you would be covered for.

You do have the right to cancel your flight if the delay is more than a certain amount of hours.

Travel expenses can be overwhelming but having travel insurance is vital as it could help in situations like this where unforeseen circumstances could cost you an arm and a leg. Most policies offer a small cash benefit as a contribution towards food and drinks costs after a fixed period of delay. Ensure you compare travel insurance policies using Insurance Comparison and buy the best travel insurance for your need.

When you buy a travel insurance policy familiarise yourself with its benefits need how much excess you would pay in the case of an unforeseen event or emergency.