11 Reasons you need travel insurance

Planning your trip is almost as exciting as finally departing on it but you need to ensure you are covered and have the right travel insurance policy for your trip. We have compiled a list of reasons when travel insurance may come in handy:

  1. You need to cancel your trip due to falling ill, or a family member fell ill and you need to stay behind.
  2. You miss your connecting flight

  3. Your flight is cancelled due to bad weather

  4. A hurricane damaged your destination and you can’t go there anymore – instead of losing all your money with travel insurance, you will possibly be reimbursed for expenses made.

  5. You will have cover in the case that you fall ill and need medical help during your trip.

  6. Converge in the case of your luggage being lost, damaged or stolen.

  7. You lose your passport, with travel insurance you will have help with the cost of replacing your passport and travel documents.

  8. Emergency evacuation: you might get hurt or fall so ill that you would need to be taken home immediately – with travel insurance you will be covered to be evacuated if it is deemed necessary.

  9. Returning from your trip early due to an emergency, your travel insurance would possibly change your flight at no cost or reimburse you for the fees.

  10. Visiting a foreign hospital can leave you with huge bills – travel insurance will give you peace of mind.

  11. Medical airlift leaves you in crippling debt – a quick hike can turn into a nightmare and you fall and can’t walk down, you need a helicopter to airlift you to the nearest hospital. Travel insurance would possibly save the day and save you from huge costs.

You don’t want minor mishaps to spoil your trip – make sure you have the right cover for your trip and budget. Use Insurance Comparison to get ample of travel insurance policies and quotes all on one website so you can easily compare many policies and all its benefits – not only saving you money but also time.