Lost your travel tickets? Here’s what you do:

Almost every airline now offers electronic tickets to replace the traditional paper tickets and what a relief. E-tickets make life so much easier and the trend keeps on growing. This means your ticket will always be somewhere, lost your phone? Lock into your emails. Forgot your email password? Use your reference number on the airline’s website.

Yes, you might still find some airlines that only issue paper tickets – in this case, we recommend to check your travel insurance policy to understand if it would cover the loss of airline tickets. Use Insurance comparison to easily compare different policies from a variety of insurances all on one page. You will be able to quickly check and compare the benefits of multiple policies and get the right cover for you.

If the airline only offers paper airline tickets, we do recommend you make a copy of the tickets and have that in your suitcase and another copy for hand luggage and then the original as losing the tickets can cause a lot of unnecessary stress during your holiday.

If you realise you have lost your airline ticket, phone your  airline company. The next step is to go to the nearest police station and report the lost ticket – get the case number and a copy of the report. This can sometimes be used to claim from your travel insurance.

We recommend trying to get the airline to issue you a new ticket before your flight – the last option would be to buy a new ticket at the airport at the current rate.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that your claim will be approved for the refund or that you will be able to get a replacement airline ticket – take all steps possible to avoid losing the paper airline ticket.