Hazardous Activities Cover

Are you planning a holiday that will push your body to its limits – an adventure that will scare most travellers? If so you would need the right travel insurance cover for your trip and activities planned.

Most travel insurance policies do not cover the more hazardous/extreme sports as standard so it is important to check the coverage of your policy. Some insurers offer cover but at an additional cost. As ever it is important to read the policy terms and conditions before commencing your trip to ensure you are covered for the activities you are planning for your trip.

By using a price comparison engine like Insurance Comparison, in a few easy steps you can compare a wide range of policies and benefits on one easy website.

No matter the policy you choose, be sure to read it carefully and check the list of activities included and excluded. It’s important to disclose pre-existing medical conditions and ensure to give the insurer all the information they would need, otherwise it is possible that your policy might not be valid if you need to make a claim.