What if you were to get mugged when travelling?

As unpleasant as this might sound it, unfortunately, it does happen to travellers – getting mugged or pickpocketed is something that happens in the blink of an eye but having travel insurance can sometimes soften the blow a bit and can save your trip from becoming a disaster after such an unfortunate incident.

Here are some tips in the case that a mugging happens to you on a trip. We do recommend not to travel with too many valuables, take only the cash you would need for the day at least then not all your money would be stolen at once. Don’t fight and argue – no money is worth it. Contact the police immediately after the incidents and cancel your cards as soon as possible, Ask the locals for help and try not to panic. Make the claim to your travel insurer once you get home.

Getting robbed is traumatic, ensure you have a copy of the police report so you can claim for replacements or to make an insurance claim.

If you got injured during the mugging or robbery you would most likely be covered for the under your medical benefit of the travel insurance policy. Each travel insurance policy is different – read the fine print so you understand what you are covered for and what would be excluded from your travel insurance policy.

Most travel insurance policies have a personal possession limit as to the amount you can claim in the case of a robbery – we always recommend that your compare different travel insurance policies and their benefits to ensure you have enough cover for what you need. Also remember there might be an excess to pay in the case of a claim. Use a search comparison engine like Insurance Comparison to make sure you buy the best policy. You will save time and money with a few simple clicks.