Is your credit card travel insurance enough?

Some credit card providers offer you travel insurance with the credit card if you book your return flights with it, but is enough? Today we explore if credit card travel insurance offers you enough coverage for your trip. We have all heard the saying that if you can’t buy travel insurance – maybe just don’t travel. It sounds harsh but if you have heard a horror story from someone who had something go wrong on their trip – you would know how important this is.

Unexpected stuff can happen when you travel. What we have seen is the credit card insurance is good – but your excess to pay in the case of a claim can sometimes be extremely high – the cost in that case compared to some travel insurance policies can be substantial. We would recommend that you do a comparison of benefits, costs and excess before committing.

With stand-alone travel policies, you can buy cover for up to 12 months – with credit card travel insurance you may not be covered for more than a few months. A glaring difference we have seen between stand-alone travel insurance and credit card travel insurance is that the banks do not usually cover pre-existing conditions at all where stand-alone travel insurance is more flexible and certain pre-existing conditions may be covered under the standard policy.

Ensure you check if your credit card travel insurance would cover activities like skiing and other adventure sports, wherewith stand-alone travel policies you can almost count on the policy that it would be included in the standard policy or you can add adventure sport as an extra.

At Insurance Comparison we recommend you compare a range of travel policies, it’s costs, it’s excess and its benefits so you can make an informed choice for your trip and ensure you are covered every step of the way.