Family travel insurance

Travel insurance for you and your family during your family holiday abroad is crucial as its ideal to have peace of mind in the case of unexpected emergencies. The biggest investment you are supposed to make on your family holiday is the memories. That's why everyone knows never to plan a trip without travel insurance.

Travel insurance is important as you might have secured you and your family against any medical costs that you may incur in case of an accident. This policy not only covers the medical cost for you and your family but comes standard with some of the below benefits – depending on your policy:

Trip cancellation

This is cover in the case that you need to cut the trip short or don't even go on the trip due to a family member being ill, injured, involved in an accident or died.

Trip curtailment

Cover for the case you might need to cut your trip short because you have been hospitalised or you or a family member falls ill, gets injured, are involved in an accident or died.

Medical expenses and evacuation

Cover the cost in the case of you or someone in your family falling ill during your journey. Travel insurance would also cover the expenses in the case you need to be medically evacuated to the nearest or most suitable hospital.

Loss of passport

Travel insurance will pay for the associated costs if you lost your travel documents or if it got damaged or stolen.

Loss of money

Provides cover for lost/stolen money during your trip.

Baggage loss

If your personal belongings got lost or stolen during your journey your policy would replace, repair or even reimburse you.

The above are just some of the benefits you will have when you buy travel insurance – always read all the benefits and understand what you and your family are all covered for.

You need the best travel solution for your family, your travel policy should protect you and your family, so you can make memories on the trip. Insurance Comparison offers you the ability to compare travel policies online to get maximum benefits at minimum premium for the safety of your family.