Why you should consider baggage cover

One of the things we worry about when we are travelling is if our baggage will arrive, if it will arrive damaged or will it be lost. Unfortunately, this happens from time to time. The good news is that travel insurance policies do cover you for situations like this and is typically included in most travel insurance policies.

Baggage cover is cover that can reimburse you should your baggage gets lost, stolen, damaged or even delayed. It’s important to compare to travel insurance policies and its benefits to ensure you have the best cover in the case of your baggage is lost, stolen or delayed.

Each travel insurance policy differs and may have certain exclusions you are not covered for and can’t claim for – always check your travel policy so you know what you are covered for.

Baggage cover is important as it would cost you an arm and leg if your bag got stolen and you need to replace your suitcase and all its contents in a different country to carry on with your trip. Baggage cover will give you the certainty that you are covered in the unfortunate case of your bag being stolen or lost.

It’s important to compare travel insurance policies as every policy has different baggage and valuables limits and a different excess payable in the case of a claim.

Ensure that your travel policy covers the value of your baggage and your belongings you are travelling with and ensure you understand your policy and know what you are covered for and the excess associated with claims.