Travel insurance for cancer patients

Coping with cancer can be very difficult and a holiday night just be what you need to manage the emotional, physical and practical effects of cancer. It’s extremely important that you get travel insurance if you have just been diagnosed with cancer, if you are travelling in remission it is really important to declare the condition to your provider.

You must understand what is covered in your policy and not only do you need cover in the case of luggage theft, cancellation and curtailment – you might also need to cover your medical costs and expenses while you are overseas or if you need to be flown home in the case of an emergency. .

Always ensure you talk to your doctor before travelling and it would be beneficial to take your medical documents with you on the trip – in the case of an emergency, the doctor looking after you can then have access to information on your diagnosis and your doctor’s details.

It’s also possible that you might need to ask your doctor to write you a letter for the pills and/or syringes and other medication you are travelling with and a letter from your doctor to the airline that you are fit to fly.

We do recommend that you compare insurance policies as some insurers would offer you comprehensive cover for your pre-existing condition. Use a travel insurance policy search engine like Insurance Compararison, here you will be able to compare multiple travel insurance policy on one website and ensure you choose the right cover for you.