Flight Delays and Travel Insurance

In addition to your airline being responsible to look after you in the case of a delay, some travel insurance policies also offer cover in the case of flight delays. Depending on your travel insurance policy it would likely come into effect after a set period of delay, but this will depend on your provider and your policy so please ensure you read the details of your policy.

In the above case, it’s possible that you would have missed your connecting flight and need to book a hotel for the night. Your flight operator should arrange this for you and reimburse or pay for the hotel. Some travel policies now offer free access to an airport lounge in the event of a delay, so it is worth checking which policies offer this added benefit, always use a comparison engine like Insurance comparison to compare multiple quotes from a range of insurers to ensure you the best possible cover for your trip.

Remember to bring your travel insurance policy documents and take it with you in the case that you might need it you will have the relevant telephone numbers and procedures to follow.