Why you should buy winter sports travel insurance when going skiing

A skiing holiday is one of the best trips you will ever experience, but having winter sports travel insurance is vital for this trip. It’s important to note that in most cases you would need to buy a policy extension covering wintersports to ensure you are covered while skiing.

Ensure your policy includes the below-listed items:

Injury cover

It’s not something we as travellers like to think about but accidents do happen and on a ski trip there is a much higher possibility that you are involved in a skiing accident and might need to be airlifted from the top of a mountain to the nearest skiing facility. Bones get broken while skiing and this can lead to expensive medical expenses.

Weather and storms

Make sure you understand if your policy would cover you for warm weather which means you will not be able to ski. Some policies specify exactly how much they would pay out and only for specified times. Familiarise yourself with the policy and make sure you will be covered in the case you can’t ski on your ski holiday.

Extreme cover

If you are an avid skier and want to stray off the main slopes, think twice and make sure that if an accident happened you would still be covered as some policies would only cover you for a certain activities and skiing only on-piste.

Ski Accessories and equipment

Make sure you are covered for the loss, theft or damage of your ski equipment like your skis, boots, poles and bindings.

Medical cover

Ensure you understand how much you are covered in the case of medical expenses.

Ensure you always compare travel insurance policies and you get the best deal for what you need. Insurance Comparison offers you a whole range of reputable insurance policies on one website giving you the control to compare the cost and benefits suited best for you and your family.