Extra cover for sports activities when travelling

No matter what your idea of a holiday is, relaxing next to the pool or the exhilaration of jumping off a bridge, you must ensure your travel insurance would have you covered. Adventure travel is very popular but means different things for different people. It could mean white river rafting, a yoga class on the bank of the river or the other extreme like rock climbing, shark cage diving or bungee jumping.

Travel Insurance would typically cover some activities as standard in your travel insurance policy and if you have something in mind, have a look at a travel policy to see if it’s included. Each policy is different and some offer coverage for activities for an additional premium..

We always recommend that you check and understand the exclusions mentioned in your policy, some of the common exclusions would be certain activities for example motorsports might be excluded from your policy as a standard benefit..

Understand your policy and compare – we have only given you a few examples and each policy is different, make sure you know and understand what you are covered for during your trip.