Travel insurance and pregnancy - what you need to know

Having a baby is an exciting new journey for all parents, but what if you need to travel? Every stage of a pregnancy brings different symptoms and it differs from mother-to-mother. What is important is to have travel insurance if you are travelling as it can cover you for the unforeseen. Travel insurance is vital for any traveller – not just if you are pregnant.

It's important if you are pregnant to understand what you are covered for during your trip so you are not caught off guard while travelling. Each insurer will have different terms and conditions in relation to pregnancy so please be mindful to check this before purchasing or subsequently after becoming pregnant. We always recommend you ensure that you compare multiple travel insurance policies so you are sure to have the best cover you would need. Use Insurance Comparison to compare a range of policies and its benefits.

Your travel insurance, if you are pregnant, is likely to cover pregnancy-related complications, early births, medical care in the case of early labour, emergency C-section and additional expenses if you have to give birth abroad and need to delay your return up to a certain number of weeks of your pregnancy.

As a mum-to-be it's worth it to compare multiple travel insurance plans and make sure you have the right policy to travel and relax and your holiday knowing you have the most appropriate cover in place for your needs. .