Why emergency repatriation cover is so important?

This is a type of insurance that gives coverage to travellers returning to their home country for emergency treatment or in the case of death. The insurer determines if this is medically necessary. If this were to happen it has the benefit that you can be medically looked after in their home country, in a familiar environment close to family members and friends. In the case of death, repatriation insurance would cover the costs of returning the remains to your home country.

We believe emergency repatriation cover is critical for travellers,should the worse happen when you are away, this will help take some stress out of the situation if it becomes a reality.

Healthcare is a major concern for travellers, regardless of the location, it’s important to give yourself and your family peace of mind. Ensure you know exactly what you are covered for as that would be reassuring.

This cover is used for emergency medical situations or death, most repatriation policies covers you for emergency medical evacuation, medical professionals to manage your case and a team arranging transportation. It’s important to note that all policies differ, we recommend you familiarise yourself with the policy so you understand what you are covered for in the case of such an unfortunate event.

Below some examples of accidents that could require emergency repatriation: