What to do if your credit card is lost or stolen on holiday

Losing your credit card while travelling can be a daunting feeling but it’s not something that should upset your whole trip. Call your credit card company’s international number and report the lost or stolen card immediately – you might not receive a new card straight away but this is the first step. The next step would be to go to the nearest local police station and file a report. We always recommend checking your statements and keep on checking it to ensure no fraudulent transactions are going through.

The good news is most major banks and credit companies can get you a card to your destination in 48hours – but this will differ from bank to bank so please ensure you call and check with your bank and ask if there will be any fees involved.

If you lost or someone has stolen your wallet and you have no other way to get cash, most MasterCard and Visa cards offer cardless cash withdrawals through your banking app.

We always recommend that you let your bank know that you are going on an overseas trip before you embark on the journey. Another good tip is to take more than one card and don’t carry all cards in the same place, leave some at the hotel. Another good idea is to take some photocopies/photos of your cards so you can get the details if you need them.