How to maximise your travel insurance

Taking a trip overseas can be an exciting holiday – when planning your holiday also start thinking about the must-haves you will need when buying travel insurance and add it to a list.

Of course, when buying travel insurance like any other insurance you will have to compare many policies and its benefits before purchasing it so you can ensure you have the best travel insurance you can possibly need. Use a comparison engine like Insurance Comparison, with a few simple clicks you will have multiple travel insurance options on one easy to use website. This will save you a lot of time comparing on multiple websites and you will be able to click and compare within minutes.

To maximise your travel insurance we have put together a list of must-have benefits a policy should offer:

Ensure your travel insurance policy will cover medical costs, it’s so important cause we all know accidents do happen and you can get stuck somewhere on your trip with a broken leg and need to be airlifted as an example . Not something you want to put on your credit card if travel insurance could have covered it.

Understand the exact amount you can claim back, you do not want to be underinsured for your trip and have big portions of your belongings not covered.

Check that you are covered for your entire trip, double-check the date ranges and if you are buying an annual multi-trip policy the maximum number of days per trip limit.

Read the small print of the travel insurance policy to check if the destination you are planning to visit is in fact covered through the policy – some travel insurance policies may exclude some destinations.

Check the policy and declare any pre-existing conditions to the insurer if required.

Read through the procedure of claiming and make sure you understand the terms and conditions, it is worth adding the emergency assistance contact number to your phone.

Always keep your belongings safe when travelling and do not take all your valuables with you when you are going out exploring. Ensure you choose the right travel insurance policy for your need so you can enjoy your trip knowing that you will be covered in the case of an emergency.