Delayed, lost or damaged luggage: what you need to know

Some of the most complaints airlines face is the loss, delays and damage of luggage, but luggage can get lost and damaged outside of the airport all the time too. So why won’t you have travel insurance to cover this outside of the airport?

One of the biggest mistakes we see is that travellers forget that baggage does not only get lost or damaged on airports but this can happen on the train while travelling to your hotel and that would not fall under the airlines' responsibility.

Some travel insurance would cover this, it’s important to remember that even though you buy your travel insurance policy in your local currency. Expenses like buying new clothes and cosmetics after your bag got stolen would be in the currency of the country you are visiting and could be a crippling expense.

If your baggage does get stolen in a foreign country remember to contact the local police and file a report. Remember you have to be at the police station in person to file the report. Ask the local police for assistance if you need to phone someone or need directions to your hotel. It is also worthwhile to get in touch with your travel insurance provider.

Sometimes a trip does not go as planned but if you have travel insurance it can help protect you against risks like stolen baggage, cancellations, delays, missed departures, lost or stolen personal items and medical expenses.

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