Travel insurance: business and pleasure

It’s not a new idea that business travellers extend their trip or add a few days before-hand to explore the destination, it’s becoming more and more popular. Many organisations motivate their staff to explore a new country and make the most of their trip as it certainly helps with staff motivation and productivity.

We have compiled some points to keep in mind when you are planning on extending your business trip with some sightseeing and leisure activities.

Tell your company

Ensure your company is aware that you are adding a few days here or there to explore the destination.

Double-check your cover

Some companies have blanket travel insurance and it would not be a problem, yet other companies will only cover you for the time you are on the trip for work – make sure you are covered for the full duration of the trip.

Partner joining the trip?

Ensure you have cover if your partner is joining for the full trip or just a portion of the trip as your company would not cover your partner’s travel insurance too.

Insurance Comparison will ensure you are covered for the full duration of your trip. With us you will have quotes from a range of providers and you will be able to choose the correct cover for your trip from a range of reputable travel insurance quotes.