Is trip cancellation included in your travel insurance?

While we plan our trip the thought of cancelling the trip after paying for it never normally comes to mind. In reality many trips are cancelled due to illness of the traveller or a loved one and the passing of loved-ones, cancellation due to an accident and more.. Most travel insurance policies automatically cover cancellation cover due to specified circumstances or at least a portion in the case of trip cancellation as a standard.

it’s a good idea to have travel insurance in case of an emergency or you have to cancel the trip.

Ensure you have the travel insurance you need so you can get your money back for a pre-paid trip cost – we would recommend taking out travel insurance as soon as you book the trip to ensure you are covered. It is worth noting if you are purchasing an annual multi-trip policy the benefit is normally only applicable from the start date of the policy as opposed to when you buy.

Every travel insurance policy is different and has different benefits but below a list of possible reasons a trip can be cancelled and you can claim from the travel insurance policy:

Illness or injury

People fall ill and get injured all the time this includes you as the traveller, even the host of the destination you are travelling to, your travel partner, a family member or a business partner.     

Involuntary redundancy

In the case you lose your job

Being called up to jury service
Your home being made uninhabitable

The above are only some of the reasons you do need cover in the case that you need to cancel your trip before even starting the trip. Always ensure you have the best cover possible for you and your family and compare quotes and benefits. Insurance Comparison offers you a range of insurance quotes on one website so you make the best choice for your travel needs and your budget.