Essential tips for business travellers

Travelling for work can be exhausting but we have a few tips to mastering the travelling for business scenario on your next trip. A good start is to have great carry-on luggage that is easy to drag along and can take all your work valuables you need for the trip.

Always make sure that your passport has at least six months before it expires – always keep your passport in a secure place.

Before going on the trip ensure you are setting all your meetings to the right time zone. If possible even, try getting your body ready and into the routine of the new time.

If possible, try sleeping in the time zone you are going to a night or before leaving for the trip.

Use the cloud – there’s nothing more frustrating than not having all the documents you need due to losing a flash drive or forgetting the data on another computer. Work from the cloud to avoid this frustration and you will be sure to always have all the documents you would need.

Ensure your hotel and flight offers Wi-Fi as part of your package so you are sure to be prepared the moment your feet hit the ground. You will be able to get your to-do list and emails up to date before you even step into your first meeting.

Make sure you remember a power bank for your phone so you can charge your phone anywhere.

Get up and walk around in the plane often and always try to keep hydrated.

Try and keep healthy – use the hotel pool or take some time to walk to an attraction – this will keep your mind clear and you will look and feel a lot fresher.

Travel insurance is essential. We recommend comparing travel insurance policies so you are sure to have the right cover for your needs and your destination. Use Insurance Comparison to easily compare a range of travel insurance policies all on onc website. This could save you time and money.