How to stay healthy while travelling

The last thing you need on your long overdue holiday is falling sick, but this does sometimes happen. You can take some precautions when you travel to try and stay healthy and keep the travel germs away. Here are some simple things you can do to try and stay healthy while travelling:

Tip 1: Drink your vitamins

It’s a great idea to boost your immune system before and during your holiday in order to support a healthy flu-free holiday.

Tip 2: Eat healthy

Grab some fresh fruit before and during your trip. Berries and citrus are filled with natural goodness and can support your immune system.

Tip 3: Sleep enough

Ensure you get enough sleep as it can be vital for anyone’s health and wellbeing.

Tip 4: Drink enough water

Dehydration can cause you to be more susceptible to germs.

Tip 5: Keep moving

Being active is a huge part of a healthy lifestyle and should be part of your travels and your holiday. Exercise can also boost your mental health and wellbeing and boost your energy. 

Tip 6: Wash your hands

Wash your hands as often as possible and sanitise the surfaces you will use like the tray table on the plane.

Tip 7: Spread your itinerary

Do not try and do everything and one day and exhaust yourself – it’s a common mistake to “overdo” it on the first few days – rather spread it out and enjoy it and a more relaxed pace.

Tip 8: Stretch

After a long day of walking ensure to stretch your muscles so you will feel refreshed and ready for the next day.

Tip 9: Sugar and alcohol

Not only is it packed with high calories it’s possible that sugar and alcohol can disrupt your sleep – the key is simply moderation.

Tip 10: Sunscreen

Always remember to put on sunscreen if you will be walking and spending the day outdoors. It’s also key to reapply – the last thing you want is to have sunburn and headaches that could have been easily avoided.

Enjoy your trip and be healthy but ensure to invest in travel insurance so you are likely covered in the event that you fall ill. We always recommend comparing travel insurance policies using Insurance Comparison so you are sure to have the best cover that suits your budget.