Multi Trip Travel Insurance

Multi-trip insurance is also known as annual insurance – this type of travel insurance typically covers holidaymakers who take more than one foreign holiday per year. Multi-trip insurance can save you as a traveller a lot of money as you only have to buy travel insurance once instead of multiple travel policies for every trip.

You will normally get the same cover as you would with your single trip travel insurance policy but for a longer period of time – the annual insurance will likely have a higher cost at first but in the long run, it could save you a lot of money and time if you are making multiple trips during the course of a year.

We always recommend you take the time to compare different insurance policies and its benefits. With Insurance Comparison you can compare a range of different travel insurance policies with a few simple clicks.

Before you purchase your annual travel policy make sure you know how many trips are covered, some policies cap the maximum number of days you can take per  trip and/or the maximum days you can spend abroad over the year. If you are planning a ski trip check that it would be covered in your annual policy – some policies cover it inclusively whilst others offer it as an optional add on.

If you are planning on buying multi-trip insurance makes sure it covers all the activities you have planned, ensure you are covered for the amount of days is each trip is booked for, ensure all your gadgets and accessories are covered like laptops and phones and make sure you will be covered for pre-existing conditions.