Our guide on medical expenses cover

It’s always good to start with what are medical expenses. Medical expenses are costs that you as a traveller have incurred in the treatment of an injury or illness. This could  include costs for doctors’ consultations, hospital visits, crutches, wheelchairs and more.

We have all heard stories of people that had to stay in a hospital while they were on holiday and the exorbitant costs they had to pay out of their own pockets. Medical expenses are one of the main reasons you should consider taking out travel insurance. Having this cover could protect you against huge medical bills in the case of an emergency.

We always recommend that you make sure medical expenses are covered for the entire duration of your trip in the case that you fall ill or you are involved in an accident. It is important to contact the emergency assistance company detailed within your policy wording as soon as possible, some insurers will not pay over a certain threshold if they have not been notified. Your travel insurance would likely cover the cost of the emergency treatment and depending on the policy you decided to go with other expenses listed below could possibly also be covered:

Ready your travel policy to ensure you are completely aware of what you are covered for and what not. Ensure you know what your travel policy excludes and what you are not covered for to make an informed decision to maybe upgrade your travel policy. Put the emergency assistance number detailed in your policy into your phone in case of a medical emergency.

Always ensure to compare policies so you can have peace of mind that you have picked the right policy for you and your trip. Use Insurance Comparison to get a range of travel insurance quotes on one website and pick the policy and benefits that would be the best for your journey between the different insurance policies, ensure you understand the level and restrictions of your medical expenses cover – ensure the policy you choose is what you expect for the trip you are going on and the destination or country you are visiting.