The importance of travel insurance

Travel insurance is important because it’s insurance that covers you from risk while travelling and can include lost or stolen luggage, cancellation of the trip due to personal accident or illness or other unexpected emergencies that can keep you from travelling and lastly unforeseen medical costs overseas.

Even though you might be travelling on a tight budget – it’s important to have travel insurance as you would not want to incur thousands of pounds of unforeseen medical costs that could have been avoided.

Always ready the small print of your travel insurance so you know and understand exactly what you are covered for and for how much. Another tip is to ensure that you compare various insurance policies, use Insurance Comparison, we will provide you with a range of quotes from different insurers so you can choose the best cover for you!

Depending on your travel insurance policy you could be covered for more than you expect including delayed departures, trip cancellation and interruption, delays due to weather, stolen or lost baggage, legal assistance and personal liability, medical and dental expenses and medical emergency and hospital care.

It is important to note that most insurance policies will offer as a standard benefit emergency evacuation, rescue and repatriation of remains and you will likely be covered for accidental death, injury or disablement too.

Travel insurance gives you the benefit to travel with peace of mind knowing that you are likely covered and won’t have crippling expenses if something does go wrong during your trip. It will help keep your trip stress-free and you will be able to relax and enjoy the journey.