Stay covered with an annual travel insurance policy

Annual travel insurance is also known as multi-trip insurance, this travel insurance policy provides a traveller who travels often and more regularly with a yearly plan instead of once-off plans for each trip – often saving your time and money.

Each annual or multi-trip insurance policy is different, depending on the insurance provider but some of the standard benefits could include that you would pay once-off for twelve months’ cover, you can have travel insurance for an unlimited amount of holidays during a certain period and your savings will increase the more your travel. Please note some insurers limit the maximum trip length so it is worth checking what these are before purchasing and/or making your trip.

The benefits a typical annual travel insurance policy would offer you can be:

Medical expenses - this should include overnight stays in hospitals, medications. The cost of any treatment and repatriation. Read your policy carefully so you are aware of any exclusions like pre-existing medical conditions so you are sure you have the right cover for your needs.

Cancellation and curtailment – it’s important as some circumstances like the illness of a loved one could have you cancel your trip or even cut your holiday short to rush back home.

Missed departures and delays In the case of an insured event. Understand your policy to make sure you understand what you would be covered for as it varies from policy to policy.

Stolen, lost or damaged luggage a good tip is to ensure you have enough cover for the value of your luggage.

Stolen, lost or damaged personal items including money and passports

Excluded items: check your policy for the exclusions and make sure you would not need cover for any of the events or activities excluded from your policy. Every policy would be different so be sure to compare the exclusion of policies it may include: pre-existing medical conditions, some sports, strike in the country that was public knowledge when you bought the travel insurance and more.

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